Monday, September 12, 2011

Question of the Week:
Are You Ready to Start Fresh?

Wow, I am so lost in my own little world right now.  I've been distracted, irritable and completely disorganized---and I know it!

I've been really struggling to get back on track for months now, and then feeling bad when I can't quite seem to get there...

The latest example of my waywardness was my worry today that I had missed Invisible Illness Week 2011.  I hoped and prayed that I hadn't, since it is really THE week that helps spread awareness that just because you don't look sick doesn't mean you aren't sick.  Since I can pass for healthy, i.e. I don't have a visible disability, lots of people can't tell I deal with multiple chronic illnesses just by looking at me.

Thankfully I haven't miss my favorite awareness week, which starts today.  And I both love and can relate to the theme:  Deep Breath, Start Fresh.  Because, well, I could really use a new beginning!

Check out this video that explains this year's theme:

So what do you say? Have you been knocked off course and need an opportunity to get back on track like me? Want to take a deep breath and start fresh with me? Then let's do this together...

If you are up for the challenge, leave me a comment to let me know you'd like to join me. And let me know how you plan to celebrate Invisible Illness Week 2011 too.  As always, I love reading your comments here or over at the OMA&P! Facebook page.

By the way, have you noticed my fresh start here at Oh My Aches and Pains?  I'm loving my new blog design courtesy of DreamUp Studios.  You'll want to take a few moments to watch my *new* blog header animation.  It features a virtual representation loosely based on me that I like to call Dot (as in the . between ohmyachesandpains and info in my blog URL.)

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1 comment

Kathy said...

Oh baby, you have no idea!

Wait...yeah, you do. But we're back :)