Friday, June 24, 2011

He's My Best Friend

Brunswick's loving look

People let me tell you 'bout my best friend,
He's a warm-hearted doggie who'll love me till the end.
People let me tell you 'bout my best friend,
He's a pup boy cuddly toy, my up, my down, my pride and joy.

People let me tell you 'bout him he's so much fun
Whether we're relaxing on the couch or whether we're at the dog run.
Cause he's my best friend.
Yes he's my best friend.
I know they say that dogs are "man's best friend," but I never really knew what that meant until I adopted my toy poodle Brunswick in January of 2008. Over the last 3 1/2 years, I have been amazed by the comfort, companionship and love that this shelter dog has brought into my life. He has transformed my experience of being mostly homebound from lonely to cheerful.

I have always been a cat person and continue to enjoy the cats that share my home with me. My cats were the perfect pets to have in my days before chronic, disabling illness. They didn't mind being home alone while I worked during the day and socialized in the evening. In some respects, I think they might have been a little put off when I started spending almost all my time at home; I think they missed having the house all to themselves.

On the other hand, Brunswick has always been thrilled to have me spend so much time with him. He wants to be right next to me the entire time that I'm awake. He patiently waits for me to shower him with attention and challenge him with training and doggie games. His presence fills my needs for companionship and social interaction while my hubby and friends are busy with work, school and other pursuits.

During our first year together, Brunswick actually experienced bouts of separation anxiety whenever I needed to leave the house. Fortunately he met a puppy at doggie day care that he got along with and wanted to adopt. Having his own doggie companion has helped a lot and now I have two eager buddies to share my day.

Along the way I have learned that it comes to being a best friend, my dog Brunswick beats all of my human friends, paws down. Here are some of the many reasons why:

  • He always wants to be by my side
  • He can roll with my crazy schedule
  • He is completely devoted to me
  • He seems to love me even more when I'm having a bad day
  • He is always excited to see me
  • He is always up for a nap
  • He is happy to follow me wherever I go
  • He accepts me for who I am, chronic illness and all
  • He doesn't get upset when I have to cancel our plans to go to the dog park
  • He eagerly complies with my requests
Now caring for dogs can be a lot of work and it definitely took me some time to adjust to the demands having a dog (or two) put on my limited energy. But I find that what I get in return is worth any extra pain or fatigue I might experience taking care of them. I love being a dog parent so much I can't imagine my life without a dog in it!

If you live with chronic illness, are homebound and in need of a best friend to keep you company, I suggest you consider adopting a shelter dog too.

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em said...

cant agree with you more. my little rosy has been my constant companion. i talk to her when im down, she looks at me with her big wide eyes. little brunswick looks adorable. xxxx

Migrainista said...

Dogs are great companions aren't they? I can't imagine these long days at home without our dog Lucy. She was my husband's dog before we met and I don't know that I ever would have bonded with her the way I have if not for my pain keeping me home. Once I was at home all the time we quickly became inseperable.