Thursday, December 2, 2010

100 Words: I Wonder What Would Happen....

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When something "good" happens, we rarely question our favorable circumstances. We revel in the moment and praise our good luck, hard work or a good and merciful God.

When something "bad" happens, we often moan, cry and complain. Then we search for a reason why and blame everyone and everything in our lives for our misfortunes.

I wonder what would happen if we took away our judgements of "good" and "bad" and spent a few moments contemplating each thing that happens to us--what insights could be gained, what choices would be made, what lessons learned and what wisdom gained?

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1 comment

Anonymous said...

Selena, This was a perfect post for me to read today. I have been having a "Why me?" kind of week. This post was meant for me.

Hey I see you 87 Followers...I remember when you only had 12....and I became lucky number 13!
Good for you...good blog!