Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Warbling Wednesday:
Sittin' in the Waiting Room & Patient 2946065

I'm doing something a little different today.  Today instead of Wordless Wednesday, I am featuring Warbling Wednesday so I can highlight someone I just discovered who calls herself "The Singing Patient."

I found her while I was checking out some blog posts over at HealingWell.com.  (By the way, they mention me there in this lovely post too.)

So who is The Singing Patient?

Her name is Carla Ulbrich.  Like us, she is a sick chick.  She became ill in 2002, enduring two strokes and kidney failure, as well as anemia, hair loss, weight loss, congestive heart failure, pleurisy, fever, migraines, and fatigue. Yikes!

To cope, she applied her sense of humor and off-center perspective to dealing with her illnesses.  Today she is a touring comical singer-songwriter and a member of the Association for Applied and Therapeutic Humor. Oh, and she is the author of  How Can You NOT Laugh at a Time Like This?: Reclaim Your Health with Humor, Creativity, and Grit.
I am sharing her videos below because she is just so gosh-darn funny! Enjoy!

You can find Carla's CD's, MP3's and book over at Amazon.com.


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