Sunday, July 17, 2011

Bits and Pieces: A Sunday Extra Edition

Extra Warmth by somadjinn

Things have been a bit crazy around here.  Thankfully I find myself enjoying a little pause in the action this weekend, so I thought I'd take the time to make up for some missed posts during the week and write a weekend update.

My Family

I got a phone call eight days ago from one of my Aunts back in Illinois. One of my eight cousins died on July 8th from what appears to be complications from type 2 diabetes. He was only 42.

As you know, I have type 2 diabetes too, so the news kind of hit me sideways. Granted, our situations are different, but still it gave me pause. Whenever someone in my family dies, like when my mother died of colon cancer or my dad died of Alzheimer's, I can't help but wonder, "Could that happen to me too?"

My Hands

Earlier this month, I followed through on a recommendation from my visit to the Mayo Clinic in Arizona and saw an orthopaedic hand surgeon here on Los Angeles.  He confirmed the finding that I have significant carpal tunnel symptoms in both hands and that surgery can be a fix for my condition.  This past Thursday I scheduled surgery for my right hand on Wednesday, August 31.

Now my challenge is to stay focused on how much this might help me pain, instead of getting sucked up into the anxiety a pending surgery creates.

My Sleep & My Diabetes

Have I mentioned that I have been using a very low dose of Seroquel, prescribe by a sleep doctor, to help me get better quality deep sleep for a while now?  Unfortunately, this medication is known to cause problems with blood sugar.

Due to my ever increasing Hepatitis C viral load, I've been having more and more problems managing my blood sugar. It's gotten to the point where I contacted my endocrinologist asking if I needed to start a second medication in addition to Victoza.  This week I decided to take a drug holiday. Lo and behold, my blood sugar has dropped from between 180 and 200 to 140 and 180 fasting in the morning. Seems stopping this medication might be the right direction to move in.

I am worried that in the long run this is going to negatively impact my sleep, but I do have a new medication to try from my neurologist that might be able to help.

My Blog

I decided a few months back I wanted a blog make-over. I also decided it was time to hire a real blog designer to help me with this task. My project got off to a really rough start, but I made some changes and hired a new designer.

I am now working with Katie Lane of DreamUp Studios who is making the process a breeze and I am so excited about my upcoming blog redesign. I've loaded a couple of things onto my blog today to give you a sneak peek of things to come.

If you are thinking of hiring someone to redesign your blog or website, create a logo or draw a custom illustration, I strongly encourage you to head over to DreamUp Studios and take a look at the awesome things they can do for you too.

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Migrainista said...

I'm so sorry to hear about your cousin. He was so young...

Looking forward to seeing the blog redesign.

Anonymous said...

Selena, I know that fear when a famiy member passes away from a disease, and wondering if you will end up the same way. I am so sorry about your cousin, so young it's a hard thing to understand. I loved your old header picture of the girl in the bed looking out the window...she looked like you. And the smiley lady you hve now looks like you too! I can't wait to see yor new blog design...how exciting!

DannJ said...

I was wondering what you thought about this story that was all over the news last month about the diabetic type 2’s put on the super restrictive diets that showed a complete disease remission?

Keep us updated on what effects removing the drug from your diabetic regimen has.