Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Have Husband - Will Travel

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Robert and I were talking about traveling just the other day. We debated how many trips we have taken since I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia: he said 6 and I said 3 (and I think I am right.) We lamented that his work schedule will preclude any travel for about 10 weeks beginning August 8th. Then we brainstormed about where we should go on our next vacation.

"We should go back to San Francisco," he suggested.

"Oh man, do you remember our last trip to San Francisco?" I replied.

"Yeah, I'm surprised the trip didn't kill you! We did way too much stuff in four days," he exclaimed. After recounting how many people we met with and how my activities we crammed into about 72 hours, he said, " If we go again, we have to stay longer and schedule things so we have a day off to rest after every day we do something."

I smiled. His comments let me know he really understands what it is like for me to attempt to travel with my baggage: a multitude of chronic illnesses. Of course, taking me to the Emergency Room five days after we got home from San Francisco for a massive multiple day migraine headache probably gave him a lasting memory too. Yet I can't help but be impressed with him observing and taking notes as I have been learning how to make travel more fibro-friendly.

But I should be totally honest. The one thing that really makes travel possible is Robert. If I didn't have him to lean on and do all the heavy lifting--like driving, checking us in, grabbing the guy with the wheelchair, loading up my mobility scooter--I wouldn't be traveling at all. I'm sure he wishes we could travel once or twice a year like we did before fibromyalgia; hence his faulty memory of the actual number of trips we have taken. But I think he is also relieved that over time I have figured out a system that avoids outright disasters whenever we do get to go out of town every once in a while.

I am very grateful that I have Robert as my companion and partner for all my travels in life. It's a bit overwhelming and scary too to think about how much more I need him now that I am disabled. I am glad that he has taken the whole "for better for worse, for richer for poorer, in sickness and in health" thing quite seriously and has stood by my side throughout the trials of my chronic illnesses.
Having this great guy by my side to share this journey called life makes me feel like one very lucky sick chick.

Yes, my vacation motto is: Have husband, will travel. He is the one travel necessity I don't have to worry about packing or forgetting to bring! Isn't that right, honey?
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