Friday, June 18, 2010

Good Reads for the Weekend

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I have been a very busy blogger this week. You can find me featured in three different places around the blogosphere, which is a personal record! Two of my posts you have already read if you visit here frequently, but that's no excuse not to visit both the ChronicBabe and Grand Rounds blog carnivals because there are plenty of other great posts featured. The third is my debut post at Colloquy Moms, where I am a new weekly contributing blogger.

First up is the ChronicBabe blog carnival where the theme this time was PASSION. I submitted my post Have Fun Every Day, but there are others there that sound intriguing like The Passion Thief, Love, Sex, Magic ... and Chronic Pain and Find Your Passion, Find You LIFE! So click here and be transported to the ChronicBabe website where you can read these and eight more great posts about passion, all written by ChronicBabes just like me.

Next is Grand Rounds, the medical blog carnival, hosted this time by my friend Steve at Adventures of a Funky Heart! Steve featured my post Health Care Reform: Will It Limit My FSA?, which is an issue that is ongoing and deserves your attention. There are also posts about dancing with your doctor, nurturing the practitioners of Woo and the lowdown on MRI love. Click here to read all the featured posts and get in touch with the pulse of medicine on the Internet today.

Finally, here is my first post from my new gig as a weekly contributing blogger over at Colloquy Moms. I love that I get to expand my writing horizons and talk about 'normal' stuff when I blog there. This week I wrote about how-to Make the Perfect Steak for Father’s Day, based in part on my own adventures in grilling in my back yard where I wear the 'Kiss the Cook' apron while sitting in front of the barbecue.

So include these blog posts into your weekend plans and be sure to spread some comment love along the way.

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tammy said...

Hello! Just wanted to say I love your blog! So much so I am giving you an award titled "One Lovely Blog"...it was passed to me by a wonderful friend and fellow blogger! Then you can pass it along to 15 of your favorite blogs! Please see my blog for details!