Sunday, February 7, 2010

PFAM 2/10: Love, Hate and Other Four Letter Words

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This is the last call for submission for the February 10th edition of the Patients for a Moment (PFAM). Per the PFAM guidelines, the deadline to submit your published blog post to the host (that would be me!) is by the end of the day today. I am looking forward to reading the submissions and admiring the creativity that abounds in the blogging community.

I wonder how many four letter words I am going to find in the blog posts submitted. I'm excited to hear the your answers to the following query.

Ah, February! Valentine's Day will soon be here and love is in the air. Or is it, if you are a patient for a moment? Is love still in your vocabulary or has it been replaced by other four letter words? Let us all know when you submit your blog post answering this question:

Love? Hate? What are the four letter words you use to describe your life with chronic illness?

I am accepting submissions until 11:59 PM PST today, so there is still time to join PFAM by contacting me.

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