Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Out of Order

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Since I finished my duties as the host of the last Patients for a Moment blog carnival, I took some time off to attend to a cold I caught last Monday. Only problem is that I still have the same cold, different symptoms, a week later. Since yesterday was a holiday, President's Day here in the U.S., to get checked out required a trip to the FastTrack ER at Santa Monica-UCLA Hospital. Luckily, while my husband did not have he day off, my sister Cyndie did and came down from the Valley to take me there.

I really don't like having to go to such extremes, but with type 2 diabetes and my blood sugars on the high side, I start getting really worried when any viral illness starts dragging out. The longer I stay congested the greater the possibility that a secondary infection will rear its ugly head. The doctor I saw did order a chest x-ray which was clear, which is good news. I'm not sure he really understood my concerns and reasons for coming to the ER and I am concerned that I did not walk away with a prescription for an antibiotic to prevent this from happening.

I know that antibiotics don't help you get over a cold or flu, by the way. I am really clear on that point. What I am worried about is the potential for bacterial infections to take advantage of the the extra mucous that is everywhere inside me right now. Seems my particular combination of health problems make getting over a cold a prolonged and infection-prone affair.

So before I started writing this post, I send an email to my family medicine doctor outlining my concerns. She'll probably get it tomorrow and she can review what was done for me in the ER and give me her opinion. Really, all I am trying to do is prevent another trip this week to see a doctor and then go to the pharmacy. Nothing would irk me more than to have to make multiple trips to be seem because someone wasn't proactive enough with their care of my symptoms.

I'm sick, tired and grumpy and just want to stay home and get better, but better seems a long way off right now. At least the cough syrup with codeine knocked me out yesterday afternoon and I was able to get some better sleep. Hopefully that will help my health and outlook.

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Robyn S. said...

Aww, I'm so sorry you're feeling crummy! Hope you feel better soon (and don't develop an infection).


Selena said...

Thanks Robyn for your comment. Found out from my doctor today that the current cold that is going around linger for up to 3 weeks. Yikes! Laying low and focussing on getting better soon. :-)