Saturday, November 7, 2009

Be Here Now: The Whole Street is Going to the Birds

Yesterday I found myself outside and in the front yard.  I heard the UPS truck down the street and knew Robert was expecting a package.  So I made my way to the front steps and sat down to wait for the UPS delivery person.  That's when they caught my eye.

I'm talking about crows, a huge murder of them, a whole congregation, up and down my street.  They were in the trees, on the lawns, in the street and walking, flying, fighting, pecking and squawking.  I watched as cars drove down the street, setting some of the crows into flight above and around the passing automobiles.  

Towards the end of the block are two mature jacaranda trees; something disturbed the crows roosting in the trees and the branches exploded with them for a few moments, then they adjusted and settled back into the canopy of the tree.  Other crows were busy pecking at the lawns and pulling out what looked like worms and other insects from the grass.  This, of course, lend to some squabbles as one crow tried to steal a tasty morsel from their compatriot.  Overall, there must have been at least 50 crows, and possibly more, blanketing my street this sunny late Fall afternoon.

They say that crows are smart.  They also say that crows and ravens are the teenagers of the bird world: all their work is done by 9 am and they have the rest of the day to play around and get into trouble.  I have no idea why the crows forms such huge dissimulations in our area in the Fall and Winter.  I often see them from my backyard, flying through the sky in small groups and individually, headed to some gathering place to form a volery, seemingly at the request of their great crow leader. 

I enjoyed my time watching the crows.  They are lively and gregarious when together in a group, like I am when I am with my friends.  They provided a very entertaining distraction from my Fall flare-up of fibromyalgia pain.

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