Monday, November 30, 2009

Be Here Now: Full

Today is the last day of the NaBloPoMo challenge to blog each day of November. I have made it to November 30th and I can see myself breaking the tape at the finish line. I set a goal, I rose to the challenge and I succeeded!

My feeling of accomplishment inspired me to consider today the other ways in which I feel full.

  • My stomach feels warm and full after a dinner of slow cooker Turkey ala King, made with leftover turkey from my experiment to cook a whole turkey in my crock pot.
  • Surrounding me are my pets, the warm and fuzzy children who bring unconditional love to my life each and every day. I am full of furry love.
  • Next to me sits my husband, my best friend and partner. He allowed me to rest in the bedroom today while he took care of interacting with the plumber who came to fix the bathroom sink. I am full of gratitude for his love, understanding and help.
  • I am also full of happiness that the sink is fix without having to tear up the wall to get to the pipes. I am also happy that the cost was below the repair estimate.
  • I am full of relief that the email I sent Cyndie yesterday was received with the intention I wished to convey. I am concerned about the brake light indicator which has been illuminated on Cyndie's dashboard. I wrote and told her how worried that light made me feel and encouraged her to take her car in for a least a consultation with her mechanic. When I spoke with her a few hours ago, Cyndie thanked me for the email and told me of her plans to go to the repair shop tomorrow.
  • Cyndie went back to work today, three weeks after her health scare and emergency surgery earlier in the month. I am full of thanksgiving that everything turned out well.

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  • Robert helped me move our newest furry child, Sir Hiss, into the house today. I am full of hope and anticipation as I see my efforts to offer this little kitten a new indoor life come to fruition.
  • I continue to be full of hopes and dreams about forging on with my aspirations to make writing a fibro-friendly second (or is it third?) career. Completing another month of daily blogging helps me feel like I am taking small steps toward accomplishing this goal every day.
In what ways do you feel full? Share your story by adding a comment below.

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1 comment

Cynthia said...

I am so grateful for your love and friendship! It takes a good friend to tell you what they know you don't want to hear but know it's in your best interest! The repair may be expensive but it was cheaper than a major accident, which surely would have been the result had I not fixed the breaks. I love you! Thanks again for the email and all your support and prayers during my recovery from surgery! You are the best! xoxo