Monday, April 22, 2013

Chronic Pain, @Facebook Games and @EA 's Pet Society #savepetsociety

My pet, Miss Hiss (right),
in happier days
Today I want to talk about something that is near and dear to my heart...

If you are a friend of mine on Facebook, then you know I play social games there.  But this is more than just a hobby or a favorite past-time.  Did you know that research shows that playing video games can help those of us living with chronic pain?


Sounds weird, right?  Well games help distract us from our pain.  I know this for a fact!  I get so caught in my games sometimes that I actually don't feel my pain...for like a millisecond.

The immediate effects are temporary, but in the long run, playing video games can help us cope better with pain.  Here is some of the proof:

Video Games Help Treat Kids With Chronic Pain
Video Games Help Relieve Pain
Healing Pain Through Videogames


So what sucks as much as life with daily, chronic pain?  Finding out your favorite online game is getting the axe!

My favorite game on Facebook is Pet Society.  EA (Electonic Arts), the company who owns it, has announced that they will close the game on June 14, 2013.

I am so upset about this news that I am volunteering what precious, little energy I have each day to help organize players around the world to protest EA's actions. (As a former social worker, I am good at organizing groups.)

  1. Pet Society is family-friendly game, unlike the sex and violence rampant in the games that make up most of EA's line-up.
  2. EA bought this game from Playfish, the game's creator, in 2009.  Now they are systematically closing down all Playfish games.  And EA is using the money earned from Pet Society to create more games filled with blood, guns and lewd behavior.
  3. This game is beloved by its players all over the world, probably due to the connection with pets. For those who can't have a real pet, their Pet Society pet has become the pet they can't have. 
  4. Most of all, I thought gaming companies were supposed to make us happy with their games. Instead, EA is going to kill all our pets!  This is making me very, very sad...and mad!

Yes, I know, this is a virtual pet.  Yes, I know, maybe I need to get a life...which I would do IF I could get rid of this disabling and debilitating chronic pain!!!

But please don't judge me.

We all have little, quirky things in our lives that bring us happiness and joy.  And I know for a fact that Pet Society is bringing a little joy and happiness to MILLIONS of kids, from 13 to 92, all over the world.  Kids just like me, who also live with chronic pain and illnesses.

How do I know?  Because I have met, and become friends with, several other sick chicks playing Pet Society on Facebook.


Please support the 20,337 (and growing) members of Please Save Pet Society by:
  1. Sign this petition: http://chn.ge/11ffPmA (you don't have to play to sign the petiton, just support our cause!)
  2. Join the Please Save Pet Society group on Facebook
  3. Like our Facebook Please Save Pet Society fan page 

And finally...


I wish I knew someone at EA who would talk to us and try to work things out.  At the very least, we players would like to be allowed to download our pets.  I've been told that our pets actually contain personal and private information, information that Facebook says we are entitled to!

But the biggest reason to download our pets?  They will disappear if/when EA shuts down the Pet Society servers on June 14, 2013.  We all don't want that!

Share with me some of the little, quirky things in your life that bring joy and happiness to you when you leave me a comment.

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Anonymous said...

Have signed up to the campaign. I don;t play pet society but I believe that a game which is suitable for all and brings pleasure should be left online.After all if it has that many followers it is not unprofitable for EA.So should be left alone.
My own quirk is jigsaws either online or real.I still have the jigsaw board my Dad made me over forty years ago. Fond memories.
Lorna x

Lifeandfibromyalgia said...

I hope that they will not cancel the game. It is hard to find a game that doesn't have sex, blood, or violence in it.


Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear about the game, I have chronic pain (due to nerve damage caused by spinal issues, mainly) myself, and gaming also really helps me, so I emphasise. I hope they don't close Pet Society, but if the worst comes to the worst, I wonder if Nintendo's Animal Crossing: New Leaf might also appeal to the people who liked Pet Society? It can be played offline, so there wouldn't be the worry about losing everything if the servers one day close. Thought I'd mention it since the game is also non-violent and has a similar focus on community and creativity.

Sarah Mae said...

You haven't posted in months.. is everything okay?