Wednesday, June 13, 2012

A Hepatitis C Treatment Prayer

I got inspired and tried my hand at a remix of The Hepper's Prayer. 
My version is called A Hepatitis C Treatment Prayer. 
Like it? Then pass it along and share it with your friends, or try making your own remix.

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Sarah Mae said...

:) I was starting to really worry about you because you hadn't posted--I am glad you did so I can cross that off my mind--to know that you are at least okay and breathing! :)

Sarah Mae


Pam said...

Hi Selena,
Sorry, I haven't checked in for awhile. I haven't been feeling that great and I just found out that hep c treatment permenently damaged my thyroid. So...I've been struggling with all a low thyroid causes and trying to get my levels back up to normal. I've been so tired that I was worried that the virus was back or my liver was getting worse so, in a weird way I was relieved. I hope you're doing okay. The last news I heard was positive but now I'm a little concerned...my brother-in-law finished his treatment as is also, virus free. He didn't have the side-effects that I had but they were bad enough. When I think about what I went through with the old treatment, I'm not sure how I made it. It had to be a God thing.


Margee said...

My name is Margaret (Margee) I am your support for tommorow June , 28,2012. I cannot fulfill my obligation, as my grandson was just taken to emergency room. I tried to e mail the scheduler to change the date. I am not computer savvy, so please take this as my apology and I will sign for another date. I have been where you are on the old 48 wk and am still needing to come to terms of wether I will do the triple. I am so sorry Selena. Sincerely, Margaret (Margee)

Sarah Mae said...

Are you okay? I check your blog (along with about 40 others) every night.. and I keep waiting for you to update. I'm curious how your treatment is going (or has gone--I can't remember when it is done). I hope you are okay...