Thursday, January 26, 2012

Help Stop the Global Crisis of Undertreated Pain

I just discovered a new documentary titled Life Before Death which discusses the global crisis of undertreated pain and wanted to share it with you all today. 

Please take a moment to view the trailer below.  Then head over to www.treatthepain.com to become part of a global effort to bring more pain relief to the world.  Plus you can help by liking Treat the Pain on Facebook, following them on Twitter or clicking the Do Something tab on their website.

I find this topic incredible relevant to me right now. As I have mentioned, I am looking for a new pain management doctor and I am legitimately worried about my continued access to opioid pain medications, medications that are making a real difference in the way I manage my fibromylagia pain. 

Before I started seeing my last doctor, I was never offered opioid pain medicine to manage my pain.  For 7 years I lived with severe pain on a daily basis and had to figure out ways to "grin and bear it," primarily through self management techniques.

I am grateful that opioid pain medication is now a part of my overall pain management strategy.  That said, it is only one piece of the puzzle and it certainly does not take my pain away, only reduces it.  No, I still need to keep employing all the other strategies at my disposable to manage my pain on a daily basis.  It is just a bit easier to do so when I have pain medications as part of my arsenal.

My situation is not unique.  Unfortunately, this is a hard, cold reality for many of us who are living with chronic pain:  we all are living with more pain than we should.  I would love to see that change in my lifetime.

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