Thursday, December 29, 2011

Painful Payback from a Very Bumpy Ride

I thought I was being very practical, heading out with my hubby the Friday before Christmas to run some errands.  He was walking and I accompanied him on my mobility scooter.  We made it an event, taking the dogs with us so they could get out of the house too and join us for some fresh air and sunshine.

Seems innocent enough, right?

Except I literally ran into problems with the roads and sidewalks being filled with more potholes and hazards than I ever encountered before.  There was one decidedly panicked moment when I had no choice but drive into a rather large pothole that spanned the width of the crosswalk to get to the curb in front of me: the scooter stalled, the motor turned off and there were mere seconds left before the traffic light turned red and cars were going to start coming at me. I got out in time, but it was a jarring experience.

Again, I didn't think much of it.  I mean, heading out in my scooter means navigating all sorts of road hazards, from crazy drivers who aren't paying attention to where they are going, and don't see me, to sidewalks deformed by tree roots making them impassable.  I'm always glad when Robert is with me, acting as my extra pair of eyes to help spot the problems before I get into trouble.

Unfortunately, it was too much of a wild ride for my body to handle.

By the time I got home, I was feeling some serious low back pain and I admit it completely caught me by surprise.  Then I foolishly compounded the problem by heading out again, this time by car, to run a few last minute errands that we weren't able to complete on the earlier trip.

I was in bad shape when I finally got back home.

Ever since the 23rd, I've been experiencing a huge amount of pain in my low back and left hip.  It wasn't enough to stop me from going to my in-laws for Christmas dinner, but I needed to take my flare-up drugs, wear a compression garment and use an ice pack to do it.  Even then, the pain I felt with sitting, walking, standing, bending, etc. really distracted me from truly enjoying myself.

Bah humbug!

Now I am pretty sure this is just one of my fibromyalgia flare-ups.  But yesterday I started thinking that maybe I needed to get checked out because the pain is really lingering despite all my efforts to quell it.  Problem is, the doctors I would want to see have decided to take the week between Christmas and New Year's off, so there is no one available that might be able to help.

That leaves going to an Urgent Care or Emergency Room, which for fibromyalgia pain is never really a good idea because the doctors there have no idea how to help me.

So here I am, squirming in pain, irritable, grumpy, distracted, more sleep-deprived than usual and barely able to write this blog post.  I'm living through this flare-up and I still can't believe something as trivial as a bumpy ride on my scooter can cause so much pain.  I can't believe I am so fragile that a pothole can send me into a world of hurt.  I mean, how crazy is that?

Most of all, I am sad because this was going to be a new thing for me and my hubs to do every weekend, together, with our dogs: "walk" to run errands in our local neighborhood.  Right now, it's looking like the "mean streets" of West Los Angeles have put the kibosh on this plan, well, unless I can get an upgraded scooter with a souped up off-road suspension.

Can you imagine what that might look like?  Or how much it would cost?!?

Good grief!  I Googled and found this one for only $4.985.00!

Oh well, it's too late to ask Santa for one this year.  Perhaps he'll give me one next year...

In the meantime, I could use some healing thoughts sent my way.  (Or maybe some better pain drugs if you can spare a few.)

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Migrainista said...

I totally get that. I often wonder how such simple things can totally alter how I feel. I'm so sorry you are not able to see your doc.

I guess now is the time to start being "good" and making your pleas to santa for next year :)

Anonymous said...

I know exactally what you are talking about. And, we have a 4 wheeler, and if i really want to get sick and in pain, i ride it. so I don't..it about kills the hips and legs..so, I just don't get out much..feel better.

Shannon said...

Sending happy, healing and loving thoughts your way Selena!

I've been feeling the SAME way! I was reading this post and wondered if I had wrote it! Seriously lol. I went out that same Friday to my doc's office and did some shopping I'd been putting off. I've been paying for it ever since. In so much more pain than usual that I've considered ER every night for the last several (and don't go because of the same reason you said).

I'll be going to my reg doc next week. Here's hoping she didn't take any extra time off. I'm pretty sure she said she'd be here and wasn't going away for the Holidays.

Here's hoping we both get through this lousy flare and see the other side of it soon!

WinnyNinny PooPoo said...

My BIL has a souped up electric wheelchair thingamagiggy with special big outdoor wheels - I think the thing cost $32000.00!!! More than their van. Ridiculous! Makes your big 4-runner look cheap!

Hoping your Fibro flare gets better soon. wish the streets were better maintained!!!

abcsofra said...

Just want to send you lots of get better hugs across the internet miles. sometimes I think trying to navigate neighborhoods is more dangerous then swimming with sharks! Truly a sad state of affairs when people that just want to walk or ride in your case can't find a smooth enough service. In my neck of the woods there are no sidewalks anywhere which makes for an interesting voyage out into the world. Dare I say anymore. I'd send some pain meds but I only have tramadol due to allergies.