Monday, August 8, 2011

Question of the Week: What are your three wishes?

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Last week I sort of took an impromptu vacation from my blog and social media.  What can I say?  In retrospect, I guess I really needed to take a break.  After all, I can clearly see that I've been struggling to get back into my usual routine after that string of really stressful events this past Spring.

It's frustrating to have such a hard time bouncing back from stresses of all kinds: physical, mental and emotional.

You would think that after almost seven years, I would finally have the hang of managing my chronic illnesses.  I don't.  It's like trying to hit a moving target; just when you get close, the target speeds up, takes a left and moves in an entirely different direction or way.  It's because my chronic illnesses truly are in flux--they change constantly, sometimes in a predictable fashion and sometimes in a random and crazy ways.

I really makes me wish for the days when I was healthy.

Wishing makes me think of the genie from Aladdin and the three wishes he bestows.  My three wishes for my life are to be healthy, wealthy and wise, which I have borrowed from a generous Benjamin Franklin.

I now know with 100% certainty that health is the linchpin that makes the other two possible. Lord also knows that I am doing everything humanly possible with the resources at my disposal to get my health back, which right now feels like some kind of Herculean feat.  Much to my dismay, the only Herculean quality I currently posses is the will to keep trying despite all my setbacks and never give up.

This train of thought has got me wondering about you, my dear readers.  So let me first apologize for my unscheduled absence and set a goal to inform you in advance the next time I need to take some time off.  Then let me ask you: "What are your three wishes for your life?"

I'd love to reconnect with you all this week, so please leave me a comment here or head over to the Oh My Aches and Pains! Facebook page and respond to this week's question there.

PS  I wish you all health, wealth and wisdom too, by the way.  And let me encourage you to take as many vacations as you need to cope with the stresses your chronic illnesses too.

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Felicia Fibro said...

I find it interesting that we are both trying to keep our heads above water, at the same time!

My 3 wishes for a lifetime would be for health, love and financial security.

Sharon Stevens said...

Hmm seems like I've got company in my as of late feelings. My 3 wishes would be health, health, health. Financial security would be nice but I highly doubt that it will ever happen with the way this country is going.
I, too, have been dealing with my health this past month. Health is everything..especially when it goes bad. Here's to a healthy rest of the year and more.

Anonymous said...

Hi Selena, Glad to see you posting again. I have taken an informal hiatis from blogging too, you need to every once in a while I think.

My wishes would be:
1. Success for my sons in love.
2. Good health for my family.
3. Just enough money so my kids or me and the hubby didn' have to worry about the future.

That's all!
xoxomo (#13)

Pamlati said...

I feel That way, sometimes With My blog!! It's sometimes SO hard, Because You want to Help People But sometimes, You need help also! With Your Pain and Life and family and EVERYTHING! for me, It's always My Back Pain That Brings me Down But When I feel better! I start Blogging again. :) Best of Blessings to you! I enjoy your blog so Much!