Thursday, May 26, 2011

Mission 2011: The Underdog Meditation

Underdog (TV series)Image via Wikipedia(Please note: This post was originally scheduled for May 12, 2011. It's publishing was delayed due to Blogger platform problems.)

There are a lot of good reasons to meditate. For me, one of the most important is the ability to gain insight into your life through the quiet moments created during meditation. This discovery has recently led me to an appreciation of what it means to be an underdog.

What follows is a sequence of thoughts I watched flow by in my mind during a recent meditation session. The technique used during this session was to simply notice the thoughts and let them work themselves out without trying to consciously alter their appearance or content. So in essence, I let my mind wander where ever it wanted without an investment in what the outcome would be. If a feeling arose connected to any of the thoughts, I simply allowed myself to feel the feeling and then let it go.

It's no secret that recently I've been particularly bogged down by an assortment of troubles. Since many of these troubles are connected to people in my life, I got to thinking about how my current circumstances make it appear to these people that I am all wrong. Quite simply, I am dealing with people that think they are right and they are out to prove it.

This has translated into a lot of hassles for me.

Ordinarily I'd choose to ignore troublemakers, but the situations created by a few select people in my life recently aren't the kind of situations that can be ignored without negative consequences for me. In other words, I've been put into situations where I must respond.

The first problem with people who think they are right is that they seek to subjugate other people with their righteousness. That's just not right. The second problem with people who think they are right is that they are not always right. Have you seen how crestfallen the righteous are when they find out they aren't? The third problem with people who think they are right is that they underestimate the drive, motivation and determination they inspire in those they have made the underdog.

Yes, I am currently the underdog, but that is OK with me. That's because I realized what being an underdog truly means:

Underdogs never take anything for granted. They work at 110%, are smarter, better prepared and more successful at everything they do. People often make the mistake of discounting the underdog. The top dogs laugh and think you are beaten. They forget the underdog fights harder and is more motivated to obtain success.
Honestly, I'm happy always thinking of myself as an underdog, because when you're down the only direction to move in is up.

I LOVE being an underdog.

I hope this example conveys the true power meditation can have in opening your mind and allowing the stillness to lead you to places that can bolster your spirit and ease your mind. I am pleased to share that once I was able to see myself as the underdog, I was able to put my troubles into perspective, ease my mind and figure out ways to creatively deal with the situations I find myself in.

Above all, this insight helped me reaffirm to myself that I was indeed strong enough to conquer my current tribulations, just like I am successfully facing the challenge of life with chronic illness on a daily basis.

I am a hero who never fails. There's no need to fear--Underdog is here!

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