Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Wordless Wednesday: Life at a Different Pace

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Jessica said...

Thats me...slow as a snail!

Felicia Fibro said...

I know this picture was to show the pace of the snail, but it also is a good reminder of how the view of the world is different as well. Living with chronic illness allows us to appreciate the small things in life that many others take for granted. Of course, sometimes it also makes us a little jaded about things healthier people might not think twice about too. Anyway, great pic, all the way around!

Anonymous said...

Well said Felicia! You make a really good point that I had not thought about. Our perspective IS different from healthy folks.I'm going to ponder that for awhile; especially when I expect my family to just know 'where I'm coming from.'

Felicia Fibro said...