Tuesday, March 17, 2009

25 Random Things, Facts, Habits, or Goals About Me (The Annoying List EVERYONE Hates But We Are All Doing )

1. I can think of the lowest point of my life but I can't think of the highest point, so I am hopeful that it is yet to come. :-)
2. My life (so far) has definitely been quite the rollercoaster ride. That said, I would not trade my life for anyone elses. I am the person I am because of the experiences I have been through.
3. I know that life is not fair and still wish it was.
4. I pray.
5. I will write a best-selling novel.
6. I journal almost every day about 3 things: what I want to be, my mantra for the day and my favorite moment of the day.
7. I daydream about winning the lottery and buy one quick pick ticket for each drawing, because you can't win if you don't play!
8. The Oprah Winfrey Show puts me to sleep.
9. I am addicited to soap operas: One Life to Live and All My Children.
10. The people I miss the most are my Grandma Ann and my Dad (RIP).
11. I have owned 5 cats, 2 dogs and 1 cockatiel so far in my adult life.
12. I miss being able to drink alcohol (none for me since Hep C).
13. When something goes missing, I have to drop everything an search for it (obsessively) until I find it.
14. I love pomegranates. Growing up, my parents had a pomegranate tree and I used to pick the fruits, peel and gather the seeds and freeze them so I could eat pomegranates all year long. I usually finished them all in about a week!
15. I drive an SUV.
16. I can't imagine living anywhere else than Southern California.
17. I live 3 miles away from Venice Beach.
18. I am a risk taker. I also know how to get myself out of a predicament.
19. I am lucky with finding parking and housing.
20. I donate to KCET, my local PBS station. Watching PBS makes me feel smart.
21. I love gadgets! I'd be lost without my: Wii, Palm, Blackberry, laptop, TiVo, Kindle, digital camera, mp3 player, Slacker portable, etc....
22. The whole concept of the universe---infinite, expanding, black holes, supernovas, hot gases, big bang, me being a blip in it---just freaks me out.
23. I need to know where we go when we die, preferrably before it's my turn to go there.
24. I love spending the afternoon in my backyard staring up at the sky and watching the birds, planes and clouds go by.
25. I wish that the people around me could spend a few moments in my shoes, literally.

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