Friday, October 12, 2012

Advice to a Friend Who Wants to Give Up

I wrote this for a friend yesterday, but then thought maybe some of you needed to see this too.

I'm happy to share, but can you do me a favor?  Pull this out when I come to you all in the dumps and wanting to give up too.  Okay?

Advice for a Friend Who Wants to Give Up

Life is hard.  Change is hard.  Just remember that it's hard for everyone, not just you.

I know you feel like you can't keep doing this, but don't forget you have already proven that you can do hard things.  In fact, you did so well last time that you now have something to hold on to, a start to your new beginning.

I know you're stressed and upset because you face a new challenge, and darn it, you're still tired from the last one! But you have come so far, too far to quit now.

Sure, it's easy to want to go back to the old ways of doing things, but deep down you know going back to the old ways really isn't an option anymore.  Even if you're tempted, you know in your heart that it won't work and it won't be the same.

I know you think it's not fair and too hard, but this is how life works for all of us. This is a lesson we all learn, some sooner, some later.  Maybe it's taken you a while to figure this out and that's alright.  Just please, don't give up now.  You'll get the hang of this and everything will be O.K., eventually, I promise.

So take a deep breath, dig deep my friend and build on your success by finding the strength and courage to keep moving forward. It is the only way to get where you want to go. Because I know if you put your heart and mind to it, you can and will go to amazingly healthy, happy and healing places.

Rooting you on, always,


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Anonymous said...

Thank you Selena; I don't need this now but I have in the past & I may again in the future. It's perfect.

Anonymous said...