Friday, December 9, 2011

Bit and Pieces:
An Early December Edition

On Being a Human Pincushion

I think having chemotherapy 23 years ago was enough to make all my veins go into hiding. 

Needless to say, it makes getting blood out of me about as easy as, well, getting blood out of a stone.  That is, if you, Mr. Phlebotomist or Ms. Doctor, are looking to SEE a vein in my arm. They are there (I am breathing and talking to you, right?) but you have to FEEL for them and KNOW your anatomy to find them.

They did teach you about anatomy and feeling for veins in phlebotomy class, right?

You know things aren't right when you are giving a pep talk to the person drawing your blood: "You can do it.  They are there, you just have to feel for them.  You draw blood all the time, this will be a piece of cake for you.  Let me show you here on my arm where they draw blood from me all the time."

I swear it took TWO anesthesiology residents and FIVE tries before they finally got an IV into my left hand/wrist area before my recent carpal tunnel surgery.

I must have been OUT OF MY MIND to let them keep poking away at me like that.  What was I thinking?  I should have benched the residents and made the attending doctor start the IV after two failed attempts.  No wondering I discovered bruises everywhere on my left hand and wrist when I took my bandage off last last Sunday. 

It's almost incentive to dabble in some of my own do-it-yourself phlebotomy training...

Not to Proud to Beg For Your Nomination

We all like to get a little recognition for the things we do well.

I talk about being a health advocate.  I'm not sure how much health advocacy my chronic illnesses really allow me do, but I try to jump at every "advocate from home" opportunity presented to me, like writing blog posts here and promoting good causes via Twitter and Facebook. So when I saw a recent email from WEGOHealth asking for nominations for their Health Activists Awards, I hear myself say to myself "Wow, I'd sure would like one!"

Here is the thing: I need you to nominate me.  But let me make it easy for you!  I think I found the appropriate category for me:
Best Kept Secret 2011

They may fly under the radar, but this Health Activist is a star. They aren’t featured on every top 10 list on the web, or overflowing with followers, “friends,” and audience members. But they should be. They are an amazing example of what a Health Activist is. They are an expert communicator, leader, and have so many of the qualities we admire. Who do you love to read and wish could you be friends with? This is their time to shine. When someone’s this great – you want everyone to know.

Help us find the unsung heroes of your community - and sing their praises!
Does this sound like me?  If you agree, could you find a spare minute to follow the link and head over to WEGOHealth and nominate me?

In the meantime, I am going to give some thought to how I can be a better health advocate in 2012.

Sharing Some Brotherly Love

I love my boys...er, that would be my puppy dogs.  Robert caught them on the couch yesterday snuggling and sharing some brotherly love.  Isn't this what the holiday season is all about?

OK, that's all I have for today.  Have a great weekend and see you back here on Monday for the Question of the Week.  Oh, and before I forget--Happy Holidays!

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abcsofra said...

Hoping Santa has something special in your stocking this year! Thank you for all you do!

Helena said...

Thanks Selena...happy holidays to you too! BTW...your "boys" are adorable. The white one looks just like my poodle Maurice! :)

Pam said...

Hi Selena, I love the name of your blog! I guess I am somewhat of the same kind of health advocate as I too share what I've learned through a lifetime of struggling with my health. I sooooo relate to the pincushion! When I went through hep c treatment, they took so many samples of my blood that my little viens collapsed while others went into hiding. I always ask for the expert and allow no novice to learn on me. I also, mak-e sure to drink a lot of water before I have a blood draw. Those two things make a world of difference.